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02-Feb-2018 17:19

The starting date of the famous Caesarean and Actian era is still subject of debate.In this article, a solution is proposed to offer a coherent and consistent year dating for the coins of Roman Antioch.In 2001, a team of marine archaeologists led by Bjørn Lovén of the University of Copenhagen launched the Zea Harbor Project, a major land and underwater investigation in search of the ancient Athenian naval bases of Zea and Mounichia.

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Reference to minting years highly contributes to the historical value of ancient coins.

He determined that a strong navy would be Greece’s best defense against such an invasion, and pushed for the construction of a fleet of triremes, three-banked war vessels, to be based in Piraeus.

In order to protect this vital naval defense system, the ancient Athenians built a massive facility at Piraeus that would rank with the Acropolis and the Parthenon among the most formidable structures in the ancient world.

As such, coins can be used as an independent source for archaeological and historical research.

This, however, requires an understanding of the dating system.It successfully hosted the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

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