Coalport dating

22-Nov-2017 15:45

Typical early Florian ware mark in brown with handpainted William Moorcroft signature in green with ‘des’ below.William Moorcroft full signature used from the opening of the Cobridge works along with MOORCROFT and or BURSLEM ENGLAND added in 1916. Sometimes with rectangular paper label used for pricing by retailers.The information for this page was compiled with the assistance of the British Public Record Office, and the British Designs Registry Office. Their help, and permission to use the data, is certainly appreciated.One of Shropshire's top attractions, the Ironbridge Gorge is known throughout the world as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Beyond the Museums Of course many of our visitors are attracted to the superb Victorian themed museums operated by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust.The main Moorcroft marks changed as William Moorcroft moved from Macintyre & Co, at the end of the 19th century and then when Walter Moorcroft took over from his father.The Moorcroft marks remained steady until the modern owners instigated a system of dating and then again until modern Moorcroft design studio artists, where allowed to mark the Moorcroft pottery they personally designed or created.An item with a registry mark or number could have been produced before (less likely as the design would not be protected), or after the date of the registry mark.

In the end of 18th century Coalport was a small settlement on the banks of river Severn, an area noted for producing ceramics since Roman times.You can read about the history of these sites as well as viewing historical photographs to see how radically some of these sites have changed over the years. As well as reading the information about each heritage site along the trail, you can also add your own comments and memories, including your own photographs if you have them.