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11-Dec-2017 07:50

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On numerous occasions, Venezuelans themselves would actually initiate the conversation which was not what I had expected.

In the past, when visiting ‘dangerous’ countries, I have found locals to be very quiet when it comes to discussing their government due to an inherent fear of reprisals.

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Instead, the country's entrenched elite will probably close ranks to protect their own positions in power, especially as they scramble to address the pressing domestic challenges ahead.

Now, after years in power, some of Venezuela's political elite have found themselves in a vulnerable position thanks to allegations of malfeasance that may subject them to the United States' legal jurisdiction. Venezuelan figures such as El Aissami and former National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello came under close scrutiny for charges of cocaine trafficking, while PDVSA became the target of a money laundering investigation.

Economic shocks in the 1980s and 1990s led to several political crises, including the deadly Caracazo riots of 1989, two attempted coups in 1992, and the impeachment of President Carlos Andrés Pérez for embezzlement of public funds in 1993.

A collapse in confidence in the existing parties saw the 1998 election of former coup-involved career officer Hugo Chávez and the launch of the Bolivarian Revolution, beginning with a 1999 Constituent Assembly to write a new Constitution of Venezuela. Nobody told me it was cheaper to fill up a car than to buy a bottle of water.

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