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The brownish colors to the northeast of the disturbance are due to a large region of African dust.

This is the story of how one government agency struggled with these questions and how it was defanged before it could implement rules to force nonprofit organizations who are spending on political campaigns to disclose donors.

It’s expected to take five to seven years to design and build.

A similar project is already underway stretching north from Montgomery St. The city plans to put out a bid next month for design and engineering firms to come up with specific flood protection measures, but Zarrilli said officials will look for plans that raise elevation levels along the coast and add features like parkland to make the massive project more neighborhood-friendly.

At least nine people have died in flooding in Louisiana that began last Friday, with at least 20,000 people rescued from flooded homes and vehicles; 10,000 people are in shelters due to the disaster.

And media outlets were focused on “Tea Party” groups forming around the country.

When President Trump announced his hotline for victims of immigration crimes to a joint session of Congress, he got loud boos and groans from the assembled elected officials, worried about painting immigrants broadly as violent criminals.

We are in a cavern of fire, and in another moment it will engulf us.

Father Hennepin tells us that the stout soul of La Salle quailed before the horrible tumult which threatened to engulf him.

When the IRS released the proposed rule for public comment, a political firestorm erupted over the definition of “political activity.” More than 150,000 comments regarding the rule were filed with the agency, as groups such as the The proposed rule was quickly withdrawn so the definition could be narrowed to one that targeted all groups—liberal and conservative—that spent a large portion of their revenue on direct campaign activity.

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