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The experiments that demonstrate the presence of stem cells in the mammary gland are based on the pioneering studies of De Ome and his students, Les Faulkin and Charles Daniel.

The approach they used was serial transplantation of normal mammary gland into the cleared mammary fat pad of syngeneic mice [].

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Nevertheless, re-examination of the literature on the transplantation biology of mammary gland regeneration reveals that a complex, combinatorial interaction between variously differentiated mammary epithelial cells and the mammary fat pad stroma is indispensable to this process.

In the present article, these issues are reviewed and discussed to provide a greater understanding of the complexity of these multiplex interactions.

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Court documents describe how the girl did manage to say "no" -- but was unable to fight off her attackers.The cleared fat pad transplantation technique allowed the transplantation and growth of normal mammary cells into their normal anatomical site and under the influence of a normal physiological environment.

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