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29-Dec-2017 09:22

This blog (Part 1 of 2) is a look at the future of sex, dating, and finding a mate.

Next week, in Part 2, we’ll dive one level deeper and discuss the future of human reproduction. You had access to a small number of potential mates based on where you lived, where you went to school and your social status.

One middle school student recently shared that her entire seventh-grade class had banished a student who had made fun of a transgender peer.

Subscribe to the podcast on: i Tunes / Stitcher / Google Play This week’s podcast interview has been, hands-down, my favorite!

Are you single and question whether or not casual sex is something you want to engage in?"To be able to share what you know is very appealing, not just from a gender perspective but from any perspective," says Tanriseven. Wes and Kyra: I saw your columns in March about same-sex dating.My daughter says I can’t tell them because this will cause problems for the girlfriend. I can enforce the rules at my home about sexual contact, but doesn’t the other parent have a right to know, too?

Wes: The world of GBLTQ dating is advancing so quickly one can scarcely keep up."It hit me that if I wanted to do something, the best way for help to happen is to ask." So Tanriseven created an online space for people to do just that -- ask.

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